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Directories Membership Advertise Email (508) 744 6790 is a secondary marketplace for buying, selling and leasing Cuba related domain names


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This specialty secondary domain marketplace is devoted exclusively to buying, selling, trading and leasing domain names related to Cuba, Cuban Americans, Little Havana, OFAC, US Embargo, etc. 

Here's how it works. We will be listing thousands of Cuba related domains from our own portfolio and from those owned by other people. All domain listings will be free and pricing will not be necessary. We will not accept any domains that are directly related to Cuba. For example, even though Miami and the Caribbean are distantly related to Cuba, we are not accepting those keyword domains at this time. 

We will act as buyer broker and seller broker for all names listed here. The potential buyer will contact us and ask us about a particular name listed on this site. We will talk with the buyer to determine maximum purchase price, preferred payment method, escrow services, etc. Then will we contact the broker and ask for a sales price and try to broker a deal that is in the best interest of the buyer AND seller. We will charge a 10% to EACH party upon completion of purchase and transfer.  If a purchase cannot be negotiated, we will inquire about the possibility of leasing the target domain(s). 

You will also be able to register Cuba related domains and we are investigating the possibility of offering .cu domains when they are available to people outside of Cuba. We would like to develop a parking program specifically designed to monetize these niche domains in order to maximize revenue for our clients

Contact us to learn more about this unique business model and listing your domains here. Some domains listed here may not be for sale but may be available for lease or open to discussing a relationship with direct advertisers. Since each domain is different and each owner is different, this is why we are acting as broker and liaison between you and the owner. So, just becuse a domain is listed here does not mean that it is even for sale. (We are working on loading in domains and building the database and search structure so please be patient. We will be launching a wanted section too.) 

In the mean time, have a look at our Cuba related domains even though most are in development or pointing to sites in our Havana Network. is a central location for small Cuba business related information. If you own an established Cuba website or are just starting to look at the potential business opportunities in Cuba, you might want to have a look at the Cuba Chamber Of Commerce.

Read the Havana Journal Business Section and Cuba Business Forum for Cuba business related news and information. You just might get some interesting ideas. 

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